Great week in Mattermost this week and some very good discussion about the difference between a Facilitator and a Teacher, followed up by some observations about ways in which you, as the facilitator, can look for signs or indicators within the community that all three presences are evident. There is still a lot to dig into with the CoI discussion and feel free to continue to add to the rich discussion in the CoI channel in Mattermost as the course progresses.

For this week, we are going to begin a discussion about the two major modalities of online facilitation; synchronous and asynchronous. Last week were readings about asynchronous facilitation. This week’s readings focus on synchronous facilitation and our Mattermost discussion will focus on the 2 different approaches and will include a lot of practical advice to help you prepare for facilitating using both approaches.

As well, this week you should be meeting with your facilitation teams to start a draft facilitation plan laying out how your facilitation week will occur. One of your team members will post your team draft plan this week including a proposed synchronous date and time so that we can begin to schedule that into everyone’s calendar asap. The earlier you can get these draft plans into me the better.

Finally, everyone this week should test their access to the Moodle Innovate course shell that has been set up. You may not be using it for your facilitation week, but others might and I would prefer to know now that someone does not have access than find out at the start of a facilitation week where a team is using it. So please check your access to it this week.

Ok, I hope you have a great week and happy facilitation week planning.