What is happening in week 4 – the final week of Unit 1 – in LRNT 528.


Hi everyone. And welcome to the final week of Unit 1 in LRNT 528. Before I get to what is happening this week I want to talk a little bit about your facilitation plans and your first assignments the blog post an infographic I will be providing feedback on the blog post an infographic and the grading of that by the end of this week but I’ll probably end up having it done hopefully Wednesday or Thursday by this week so look for that feedback.

In terms of the draft facilitation plans that your teams have posted on your blogs I’m going to be working on that Monday evening and should give you some feedback on those quickly so you all have a chance to incorporate any of those feedback comments into your final facilitation plan by the end of this week. The final facilitation plan is due on Sunday 10 to submit that all you need to do is just edit the original blog post that you posted the draft plan on with any changes that you want to make based on my feedback and then submit that URL to be that the final plan for your facilitation team.

In terms of this week and we have a discussion happening in matter most about asynchronous communication and the discussion is really for you to come up with the prompt for the discussion based on some of the readings that you have done about asynchronous and questions and what makes a good question for an asynchronous discussion so I’m asking each of you to come up with a discussion prompt and then respond to your colleague’s discussion prompts so we can have that be the focus this week on the matter most discussion that would be great.

There’s also a bit of a gallery walk I’d like you to get to go around take a look at everybody’s infographics their blog posts and do a little bit of a compare and contrast with what you have suggested as being important elements of the three presences of the community of inquiry or three strategies how are they different how are they the same take a look at their contacts and see how it might be different than your context in check out the rationale for why they have chosen the strategies that they have chosen based on their context compared to yours. Continue planning for your facilitation week this week once you get the feedback from me you’ll probably want to have at least one more meeting with your team before the end of the week to finalize your facilitation plan and finalize that plan and get that in.

So in terms of of my presence at the end of unit one I kind of fade from view within the class so unit 2 is your facilitation weeks starting next week so this will be the last video that you see from me until the end of the course and the reason for that is I want to step back and give the facilitation teams a chance to establish their own presence within the facilitation weeks so I kind of want to be a distraction with what’s happening so I pull back and I’m not as public in the activities about for each of you in your facilitation teams I will be communicating with you that’s why I’ve set up that matter most channel so that I can continue being in conversation with you but your entire facilitation weeks so so even though it looks like I’ve disappeared from the course if you’re facilitating chances are you’ll be hearing from me during the facilitation weeks okay that’s it I really look forward to unit two and seeing what your teams have put together for your facilitation weeks thanks