by Deborah Zornes.  

Happy New Year to each of you. I hope the work on A3 is going well, and thank you to those that have reached out with questions. As you pull this last piece together, a couple of things to remember: 1) please ensure that you review the assignment instructions for A3, and that you refer back to the details under A1 for the required subsections; 2) remember that your research is unique, and your approach will look different than your colleagues -- for some of you looking more at a case study methodology drawing on meta synthesis will make sense, for others it will make more sense to focus more predominately on the meta synthesis and then drawing on aspects of case studies and both are correct; 3) the consultations that you will do with the 1-5 individuals should be, as per the handbook, focused on providing insights on the need for the research that addresses your research questions. 

A3 is your plan to do the research - it shows your ability to think through the process and will help set you up for success. Go into detail in terms of data collection - what search terms will you use, where will you search, are there key authors or journals you will search, what inclusion and exclusion criteria will you use as you start to narrow that search to determine which items will become data. And then, how will you make sense of it all, what kind of approach will you use for analysis. This is a future looking assignment, and, once you've done the research, you will rewrite chapter 3 to be past tense and describe what you actually did, the changes you made to your plan, and why.

As this is the final assignment, I cannot be as flexible in terms of extensions. A day is fine if it's needed, and, as always, please reach out before the deadline if you feel you might need an extra day. For circumstances where a longer extension may be required, you may need to reach out to Accessibility Services to request a formal accommodation.

Take care - it has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with a number of you in LRNT 691. Please also do take the time to complete the course survey. We pay very careful attention to the comments and they guide changes to the course going forward. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

And finally, as always, please don't hesitate to let me know any questions you have regarding the assignment.