by Deborah Zornes.  

Good morning, and thank you to each of you for the reviews that you have provided your colleagues. I would encourage each of you to take some time in the next day or two to reflect on that feedback as you continue to move ahead with Assignment 2. Please also ensure that you review and follow the assignment instructions - there is a particular, required format for the TF section, and there are a number of tips on the lit review itself. I wanted to also paste my response from a post in the general discussion forum here as well. Remember that the writing of a proposal is different than writing a paper; and the writing of a lit review is also quite different than writing a more ‘regular’ paper. The lit review is a summary and synthesis of the research under taken by others — it is not so much about putting your own ideas down and then trying to find evidence to support that - it’s about providing a ‘state of the nation’ piece on your topic and area - a ‘what is’ - fact, not speculation. As each of you move through and conduct the actual research in the next course, and once you have your data and findings then those findings, recommendations, the conclusions you draw, and your ideas for next steps are of importance. And so your approach may be very different writing a lit review than it is writing a paper and different again from writing findings and conclusions.

For the lit review, some people are very methodical, doing readings and summarizing as they go through each and then determining areas of agreement or disagreement among the research and trends. Others approach more from an evolution perspective looking at seminal works and then reading through how an area has changed and evolved. And others will have different approaches as well. What is important to remember, and as Jo noted in the session last week, this is a very individual activity and so what works for one person may not work or be appropriate for someone else. It’s great to gather ideas for how your colleagues may be approaching their writing but please keep in mind that as each person’s proposal is unique, each approach is unique as well.

Please keep in touch this week if you have questions or are running into challenges. Assignment 2 should be added to your template as chapter/section 2, and your table of contents updated. You are not expected to make changes to A1, however, if there are any pieces that you'd like me to re review and comment on I would be happy to do so.

Also due next Sunday is your assessment of your colleagues' review of your TF section and draft lit review paragraphs. Please complete the rubric for each of your two reviewers and upload to the assignment drop box in moodle.

If you need an extra day or two for Assignment 2, please don't hesitate to reach out prior to the due date.

And finally - lit reviews are very exciting -- they help to inform the reader (and usually the writer as well) and help to set the context for your research. In many ways they tell the story of your topic. I would encourage you to have a look at the resources in the Writing Centre as they are excellent and I use them regularly.

Take care