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Ethics question and recording from A3 session

by Deborah Zornes.  

Good morning - thanks again to those that were able to attend the session last night focused on assignment 3. The links to the recording and audio transcript are below. I followed up with Jo and Elizabeth regarding the question that was raised about a sponsor organization possibly wanting/needing ethics approval in addition to the blanket RRU ethics approval that is in place. You cannot start the application process until you are in LRNT 691 as there needs to be sign off by either Jo or Elizabeth on the overall approach and research questions. However, you can reach out and contact the ethics people at the organization to determine the process and timeline, and then touch base with either Jo or Elizabeth as soon as you start LRNT 691 so that you can begin the process as quickly as possible. You may also want to share the ARP handbook with the organization. Some organizations, once they understand the scope and intent of the project, have determined that additional ethics approval beyond RRUs was not needed.

Cloud recording


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