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Your topics need not be original contributions to knowledge, but may constitute exercises in replication of relevant studies, application of knowledge to the field, development of instructional practices or resources, evaluations of practices or resources, critical essays, critical analyses of problems or issues, policy analysis, creative works, documentary work, and other types of projects subject to negotiation.

The learning activities in this unit are intended to help you:

  • Develop skills in choosing a topic; and
  • Design solid research questions from the topic.

In Unit 1, you completed some reading, posted some ideas about your topic, and read your classmates’ postings. Ideas were being generated. You also discussed ideas about how to disseminate your research. Now is the time to begin to write the research questions.

Something to remember here is that your questions are not cast in stone. As you continue to read in your area of interest, you will continue to revisit your questions, revising them as necessary to reflect a more sophisticated understanding of the subtleties of your topic.

Learning Activities and Assignments

Activity 1 | Research Question

Based on your readings to date, and the discussion and feedback from Unit 1, please post a draft research question in Padlet. Please include one sentence which states your research topic, one overarching research question, and one, two, or three subquestions. Please post by the end of the day Thursday of the first week of the unit. Please comment on at least one of your colleagues’ posts by the end of the first week of the unit.