Unit 4 | Methodology and Methods


In this unit, you will look at various readings that describe various methodological choices made by other researchers (other journal, project or thesis readings).

For students undertaking the applied research project, you will use meta-synthesis for your methodology. For students pursuing the digital research consulting project, you will use a modified action research approach for your methodology. 

Unit 4 is the methodology and methods part of the proposal, and it, along with the literature review section, is a core piece of your proposal. You will create a research design (methods) and describe it so that anyone reading it is has a clear idea of what you are trying to do and how you plan on doing it. Ideally, your methods should be so clearly described that another researcher would be able to undertake the study without further direction.

Learning Activities and Assignments

  • Choose meta-synthesis or a modified action research approach as a methodology used for research.
  • Develop your research methods describing your choices in detail and how this might assist in answering your research questions.
  • Complete and submit Assignment 3.


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