by Deborah Zornes.  

There have been a few questions raised regarding A1 and I thought it might be helpful to provide some clarification here.

1) The template that you are building is for the proposal only - not for full final ARP/DLRCP project paper. Focus just on the three sections that the assignment instructions indicate. Once you get into LRNT 691/692 there are sub sections that shift between the chapters, and others that are removed. For now, in LRNT 622 focus on the proposal only.

2) please submit the assignment in word format - it makes it easier for me to be able to provide comments and suggestions

3) remember that this is a living document - you don't have to try and get something 'right and final' in A1 - your questions may evolve; you might add pieces to the opening, you might remove some pieces from the opening

4) key terms are another area that often change during the development of the proposal. If there is a term that really is critical, you might want to include it in the opening section of the introduction and a bit of depth and breadth around it - especially if it is a critical part of your project, rather than having it in the key terms. I would say put it wherever it seems to make sense, you can always shift it later

5) The introduction is just that - an introduction. The literature review for the proposal, which is part of A2, is where you'll expand out what you've noted in the introduction. If you have things in the introduction and it's getting too wordy, summarize those pieces and put the details as a place holder under section 2 for now. You can then either more fully develop them in A2, or shift them around, or delete them then.

6) And remember that we want fact in this proposal - not what you 'feel' about something, and not what you see anecdotally unless there is also research to back it up. For example, I've been in research administration for more than 25 years and I've seen the changes to the value and importance of research at universities during that time. That 'seen' however is not enough on its own; rather, what I can show to back that up are government documents that identify goals for growth in research funding; in the establishment of programs like the Canada Foundation for Innovation and Canada Research Chairs program, in documents and reports that note the importance of research to drive innovation, decision making, etc., and to raise Canada's standing. Those are facts.  It's important in the introduction that you do bring in sources for citations or quotes in order to provide those facts.

I'm looking forward to reading the assignments. They are due Sunday, November 19th, and I'd ask you to then try to watch the pre recorded presentation for A2 and/or review the power point slides - both are in moodle and there will be a zoom session Wednesday November 22nd at 5:30 pm pacific time to answer any questions you might have about theoretical frameworks and the lit review for the proposal. 

As always, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.