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The journey begins – welcome to the MALAT and DipLAT programs. We are so glad you are here! We look forward to working with you and learning from you as you move through the two-year MA in Learning and Technology program or the Diploma in Learning and Technology program. These programs strive to provide opportunities for you to examine and apply theoretical and practical knowledge to critically analyze learning innovations and assess their impact on organizations and society as outlined in the MALAT program goal and supporting program learning outcomes.

The MA in Learning and Technology program and the Diploma in Learning and Technology program take place in the MALAT/DipLAT Learning Environment. This video provides a short overview of the various components of this dynamic space.

To help to set you up for success in your graduate program, the following three online experiences are required prior to beginning your first course:

  1. The Link – This is your first step. It is your opportunity to gain some understanding about the program, the university, and each other, prior to starting your first course/s – LRNT521 (Online cohort) and LRNT521 and LRNT522 (Blended cohort).
  2. The LaunchPad – this online experience is intended to provide you with a deeper understanding of the resources, services, and opportunities available to you at RRU. It is located in Moodle for registered students and can be accessed via the Toolkit tab at the top right of this site.
  3. Academic Integrity – this online experience is intended to help you to understand the principles of academic integrity as you adhere to them in the work you do as a graduate student.

The MALAT and DipLAT programs host an annual Virtual Symposium each year live in April. See this year’s line up and join us here.