by Marlene Ryan.  

Hi everyone,

I hope your week went well.

Important reminder:  RRU email is the main method that will be used to contact you for all course- and program-related information. Tools like Slack and Asana, which can be useful to stay connected, are not used by RRU to communicate with you on an ongoing manner. It is your responsibility as a student to ensure you are receiving your RRU email.

Today we have a Closing Zoom session scheduled for noon Pacific. I hope you can join in to learn about your upcoming course, and to provide us with your feedback on The Link. If you are unable to make it, please watch the recording as soon as you can.

As you know from your Schedule, almost everything is past due. Nearly everyone has finished Intro to Academic Integrity, too, which is great. It’s due tomorrow as well.

Note: Tomorrow is a stat holiday, as is Monday, so I'll be back online Tuesday. Have a great long weekend, and enjoy LRNT521 (which does start Monday).