by Marlene Ryan.  

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a pleasant weekend. Nice to see all the interactions among you. I’m pleased you are connecting and getting to know each other.

You can see what is due when in your Schedule. And please remember to complete your mandatory Intro to Academic Integrity course by Friday, June 28.

Have a stellar Monday.

P.S. For those who were asking, I've heard back from program head Elizabeth Childs regarding two questions about the annotated bibliography

For "Can books be used as references and citations?" Elizabeth replied:

"There are a variety of “categories” of literature on a continuum of valid and reliable sources ranging from peer reviewed journals, to edited books, to single author books, to reports and white papers, blog posts and everything in between. There are some great resources on using quotations, paraphrases and support for your work in the library guides here. You can read more on grey literature here."

And regarding this question: "Can someone please clarify on whether or not a running head and/or an author note are required for our papers?" Elizabeth says "The running head is required but an author note is not."