by Marlene Ryan.  

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a peaceful weekend. Nice to see all the interactions among you. I’m pleased you are connecting and getting to know each other.

You can see what is due when in your Schedule. A few of you are still working on last week's activities:

·         your Moodle profile picture and written introduction (due Tuesday)

·         your intro video (due Wednesday)

·         interact with a few of your classmates’ intro video posts (due Friday)

·         your “who are we as a cohort” post (due Friday)

·         your completion of the Activity 4 Resources checklist (due Sunday).

And please remember to complete your mandatory Intro to Academic Integrity course (which should only take 45 minutes) by Friday, April 7.

Have a stellar week, and see you Thursday at noon Pacific, for the Closing session!.