by Marlene Ryan.  

Hi everyone,

I hope your week went well and your team activity is coming along nicely (due tonight). After that, there's just the Activity 7 Resources quiz (and ITAI, if not done yet).

Today we have a Closing Collaborate session scheduled for noon PacificI hope you can join in to learn more about your program, and to provide us with your verbal feedback on The Link. If you are unable to make it, please watch the recording as soon as you can.

As you know from your Schedule in WordPress, almost everything is past due. Nearly everyone has finished Intro to Academic Integrity, too, which is great. It’s due tomorrow as well.

Have a lovely day, and I hope to see you today at noon.

P.S. I’m not in the office tomorrow, so if I don’t see you in the Collaborate session, have a great weekend!