by Marlene Ryan.  

Hello everyone,

Hope you are enjoying getting to know Moodle, WordPress, and each other. Great to see you posting your intro videos, and commenting on each others' posts.

As it’s Throwback Thursday, here’s a photo of me from days past, with my Kokum (grandmother) and brother. Do you have one to share?


You can see what is due when in your Schedule. Please don’t forget to comment on a few of your fellow learners’ posts, as per Activity 2, Part 3, and to add a photo of yourself to your Moodle profile, if you've not done so.

Remember, too, to complete your mandatory Intro to Academic Integrity course (it should only take 45 minutes) by Friday, April 9.

Have a great day, and feel free to share a photo blast from the past. And as it's a holiday weekend, chat amongst yourselves and I'll be back online on Tuesday.