Unit 2 | Theoretical frameworks


Understanding theories in educational technology

In Unit 2, you will focus on theory and, in particular how theories are then used as theoretical frameworks. The unit begins with a discussion of some of the more common theories in educational technology and how they are used to frame research. We will then explore how theories are then used as theoretical frameworks (TF) in academic research.  We will identify several theoretical frameworks that are common in the field of learning and technology and will seek to identify others that may be relevant for your specific research interests. Examples of theoretical frameworks that may be discussed include activity theory; adult learning; cognitive load theory; communities of practice; complexity theory; constructivism; gamification theory; mobile learning theory; motivational theory; self-determination theory; socio-cultural theory; and, technology acceptance model.

Learning Activities and Assignments

  • Complete Unit 2 readings and watch any required videos.
  • Review and analyze scholarly and popular literature on theoretical frameworks.
  • Consider frameworks that are relevant to your research interests.
  • Engage in team discussions on theoretical frameworks.
  • Working as a team, complete and submit Assignment 2 (Parts A & B): Theoretical Frameworks (team).
  • View all presentations and provide comments. Respond to any posts/questions for your team’s presentation.
  • Complete Assignment 2 (Part C): Peer and Self Assessment.



Assignment 2 | Theoretical Frameworks (Parts A and B)

Complete Assignment 2, parts A and B.

Unit 2  Activity 1 | Discussion of Team Presentations (Part B)

Please upload your team presentations into the Moodle forum, view each of the team presentations, and then comment on at least one presentation other than your own team’s. You may choose to comment on an theoretical framework that was unfamiliar to you and that was made clearer through the presentation for example. Or, you may choose to post a question to the team about one the theoretical frameworks in the presentation. As a team, please respond to any questions/comments regarding your presentation.

Assignment 2 | Theoretical Frameworks (Part C – Peer and Self Assessment)

Complete Assignment 2, part C.