Unit 4 | Your leadership plan


Throughout the course you have been building skills and knowledge that will help you move forward in leading digital learning and the changes that come with that in a complex organizational system. In these final two weeks, you will reflect on the skills and literacies required to effectively lead change in a digital learning environment and assess your readiness to initiate, plan and lead an effective project.

Learning Activities and Assignments

  • Activity 1, Sharing your Toolkit (Week 8)
  • Activity 2, Planning for your final project (Week 8)
  • Activity 3, Final reflections Post (Week 9)
  • Complete and submit Assignment 3. (Week 9)
  • No readings for this unit.

Activity 1 | Sharing your Tool Kit 

Now that you have submitted Assignment 2, have a member of your team share the tool kit you developed with the rest of the class by posting it to this Padlet 

As individuals, review the tool kits submitted by the other teams and post a constructive comment on each tool kit. These tool kits may help you to modify your individual framework for your final assignment, Assignment 3. 

Activity 2 | Planning for your final project 

As you consider your ideas for your final project, complete a brief environmental scan of your current organizational learning technology needs using the questions below as a guide. An environmental scan often includes both internal and external factors, and can often include a SWOT analysis. Here is an example of a SWOT analysis that was completed as an organization was considering implementing a LMS. You may also want to consider a strengths-based approach to analysis, so another model, based on Appreciative Inquiry is SOAR. The following from UVIC provides a bit of background on SOAR. If you are not working in an organization, consider another that you are familiar with that uses learning technologies (a community organization, or a local school). 

In your scan consider the following: 

  • What are your/the current technologies, what processes/people do they support, who manages them, what kind of resources do they use? 
  • Are there any policies or governance bodies relating to technologies? 
  • Are there direct costs? 
  • Identify any gaps – what other learning opportunities could be supported? 

You will use this scan to both help you inform what different elements you might need to include in Assignment 3. Note that you do not need to post or share this activity, but will be referring back to it as you develop your ideas for your final assignment.

Activity 3 | Final Reflections (Blog Post) 

In a final post to your blog, reflect on your learning throughout this course. Think back to your initial post on leadership – has your perspective changed? In your current role, how can you help lead a change within your organization? What can you envision doing in the future? As highlighted in the overview for this final unit – leading change in digital learning environments means taking into consideration the interactions within a complex system. 

Submit Assignment 3