Assignment 1 | External Scan (Individual)

Based on your readings and networking activities in Unit 2, create a one-page visual (diagram, comparison chart, model, infographic etc.) that displays how change is addressed by leaders in digital learning environments using a tool of your choice. You will also include explanatory text that helps frame your current thinking about how successful change can be organized within an organization. Your visual should be a synthesis of your readings, consultations with your colleague in activity 2 (note that you need to consult at least one colleague directly), listening to the insights from current and past students (Voices page – note that this can be used as one of two of your consultations in the Assignment (Feb 13, 2023 highlight), and your own personal experiences with change. In your short textual synthesis of your diagram make sure you outline how your approach aligns with established change models and theories and the role leadership plays in change. Your explanatory text should be a minimum of 500 and maximum of 750 words. You are expected to adhere to APA standards for citations and references and to back up your statements with appropriate academic literature.

Value: 25%

Submit: as a post to your blog, but also submit a link through Moodle in the assignment 1 submission dropbox.


Course Learning Outcome/Assessment Criteria Excellent (A+ to A) Proficient (A- to B+) Satisfactory (B to B-) Unsatisfactory (F)
Citation and APA format All citations and APA format are correct. Most citations and APA formatting are correct. Some citations and APA formatting are correct. Few citations and APA formatting are correct.
Style, Grammar, Spelling All aspects of grammar and spelling are correct. Most aspects of grammar and spelling are correct. Some aspects of grammar and spelling are correct. Significant spelling and grammar errors.
Identifies change management theories and discusses their applicability to digital environments. Identifies change theories related to leadership and provides links to their relevance in leading change in digital learning environments. Identifies change theories, and some linking to their applicability in digital learning is made. Relevant theories are somewhat identified, but direct linkages to digital learning environments may be missing. Links between theories and their role in digital learning environments is missing.
Provides evidence of consultation with a network of professional colleagues regarding change management issues Evidence of thoughtful consultation and insights from at least two professional colleagues. Discussion demonstrates insight into challenges and solutions in initiating change. Multiple perspectives are evident Evidence of consultation with at least two professional colleagues, but may not demonstrate novel insights into change. Different perspectives are somewhat provided. Evidence of some consultation with professional network, but discussion does not demonstrate synthesis of ideas. Lack of discussion or consideration of different perspectives. No evidence of consultation with network.

Ethical Review

You may need to interview or correspond with other professional colleagues to gather information in order to complete some of this assignment. On your behalf, your instructors have applied for and received blanket ethical approval for LRNT 525. This means that you will not have to apply to RRU on an individual basis before conducting your assignment research.

You will need to read and become familiar with the Research Ethics Guidelines for this course. You will also need to fill in the Consent Form and provide it to any external participants in your research assignment.