Unit 3 | Reflecting on Critical Inquiry – Fostering Meta Cognition (2 weeks)


In this Unit, you will speak to the experience of participating in the chosen learning opportunity as outlined in your individual learning plan, and on the experience of conducting a critical inquiry. You will critically reflect on, and discuss, aspects of the various technologies explored and the related critical issues that were examined and their impact on organizations and society. Reflection on the experience of conducting a critical inquiry will begin to assist you as you increasingly shift from a consumer of research to a producer of research in the second year of your program.

Learning Activities and Assignments

  • Complete Unit 3 Activity 1Critical inquiry contribution (response to your choice of blog posts).
  • Engage in interactive discussions on course and student blog sites.
  • Participate in class bi-weekly meet-ups (synchronous) or view the recordings – see Schedule for dates/times.
  • Complete Assignment 1 Part 4 | Critical Academic Reflective Paper

Required Readings and Resources

Readings done as part of Unit 1 and Unit 2 as well as those identified in individual learning plans and approved by the course instructor (Assignment 1 Part 1) and also those that emerge based on modality experience and critical inquiry process.

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Photo: Taking a closer look – Irwin DeVries CCO

Unit 3 – Activity 1

Create your own contribution to an open “untextbook” by responding to any of the various blog posts and provocations at this site.


Assignment 1 Part 4 | Critical Academic Reflective Paper

Submit Assignment 1 Part 4 as per the date in the Course Schedule