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Welcome to LRNT 527 – Creating Digital Resources

Course Overview

Please watch the Chiefs’ Traditional Welcome video (above) and the Course Overview Video (below) to get started in the course.



In this course, you will have the opportunity to produce a digital learning resource of personal significance and relevance related to any combination of the following: learning, technology, design, and innovation. Your digital learning resource can include the creation of an instructional module, a series of learning objects, an open educational resource, a series of tutorials, an app, or any other tool, technology, or resource of your choice.

Throughout this course, you will follow a human-focused design process to guide the creation of your digital learning resource and will explore a variety of human-centred methodologies and approaches. You will gain hands-on experience using digital tools. You will have the opportunity to critique your colleagues’ learning resources and obtain feedback on your design. Through instructor mentorship, peer-to-peer support, and connections with digital learning networks, you will gain skills in designing, creating, and critiquing digital learning resources.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify a need that can be met by a digital learning resource
  2. Design and create a digital learning resource
  3. Critique a digital learning resource

Stay Connected

To the instructor Jenni Hayman:

To the team coach Julia Szucs:

Email: julia.szucs@royalroads.ca

To the class via the general discussion forum in Moodle (use this forum to ask course-related questions of the instructor that may be shared for the benefit of the whole class).

To each other via the course blog and your own WordPress blogs using Feedly. Don’t forget to add the ‘LRNT 527 Posts’ OPML file and the ‘All Comments’ OPML file to your feedly.  For a reminder on how to add the OPML file to your Feedly, please see: Use OPML to add your entire cohort to Feedly

#RRUMALAT is the Twitter hashtag for the program.

Ethical Review

For Assignment #1 in this course, you will need to conduct interviews, design and collect surveys, or engage in formal observations with end users.  On your behalf, your instructor has applied for and received blanket ethical approval for LRNT 527. This means that you will not have to apply to RRU on an individual basis before conducting your assignment research.

You will need to read and become familiar with the Research Ethics Guidelines for this course. You will also need to fill in the Consent Form and provide it to any external participants in your research assignment.

If you have any questions about the ethical review, please ask the instructors by posting in the general discussion forum in Moodle. You may also contact the Office of Research Ethics at ethicalreview@royalroads.ca; 250.391.2600 ext. 4425. Further information is available on the RRU Ethics page.