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Welcome to LRNT 622 – Advanced Research

LRNT 622 helps students to transition from knowledge consumers to knowledge producers. Focuses on the research process with particular emphasis on creating effective research questions, analyzing and synthesizing literature, developing evidence-based arguments, selecting a research method to analyze secondary data, and developing a thorough research proposal related to learning, technology, and digital learning environments.  Enables students to focus on an area of personal interest, a topic in the participant’s work environment, or conduct a digital learning consulting project.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Construct an effective research question related to any combination of the following: learning, technology, design, and innovation.
  2. Critically analyze and synthesize literature related to the chosen research question.
  3. Develop arguments backed with evidence.
  4. Understand, describe, and justify research methods to investigate the chosen research question.
  5. Develop a secondary research project proposal or research consulting project proposal to investigate the chosen research question.

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