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Individually, you will submit an evaluation of the peers with whom you worked in assignment 2. For each individual in your team, you will provide (1) a description of contributions to the design and facilitation of the week, and (2) an assessment of their work and effort using the evaluation criteria provided by the instructor.

This grading will have no bearing on the mark of the individual being assessed unless the following condition is met: If all individuals in a team give a grade of C or lower (7 points or less on the Peer Assessment form) to the same individual team member, then a 5% grade point deduction will be applied to that individual’s Assignment 2 grade.

For some tips on giving good feedback, check out the resource Giving Good Feedback from the RRU Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies.

Due: The team peer-assessment is due on the Tuesday following the end of your facilitation week.

Value: 5%

Submit: to the Assignment 3 Dropbox on Moodle

Evaluation criteria: Download the Assignment 3 Peer Assessment form (in Word or PDF format), fill it out and submit it to the Assignment 3 dropbox in Moodle.